Samsung's $2,000 Galaxy Fold changes the smartphone game

Samsung has placed its stake in the ground with its Galaxy Fold smartphone-tablet folding phone that is spectacular in every way, even in price, and pitches itself years ahead of its arch-rival, Apple. Nearly a decade in the making, everything about the Galaxy Fold shouts next generation. It has a standard 4.6in phone screen on […]

House prices: what do the different indices show?

Every month a number of organisations publish house price indices, each based on a different set of data. Sometimes the findings agree, sometimes they conflict. When we report on these figures we explain what they are showing, but we thought it would be useful to give a comprehensive guide to the main indices. Whether you […]

‘Our MDF furniture brought toxic fumes into our home’

A science journalist is warning others to beware of the risks of MDF after her new bedroom furniture appeared to produce toxic fumes that were 13 times the World Health Organisation’s limits. Tracey Logan, who lives in Chiswick, west London, says she and her husband Richard Szwagrzak could not spend more than a minute in […]

From work to family – the experts' guide to a low-stress life

How not to worry about… Relationships By Kate Thompson Do sweat the small stuff: Everyday stresses – who takes the rubbish out, who does the school run – can affect couples. These may seem trivial compared with more significant hurdles (moving house, losing a job or the death of a parent), but research shows that […]

Tax return 2019: a stress-free guide to tackling it

The weather may have turned arctic, but frostbitten fingers won’t get you out of doing your tax return. HM Revenue & Customs has issued a list of the most bizarre (and unsuccessful) excuses it received from customers who missed last year’s self-assessment deadline. They included “My boiler had broken and my fingers were too cold […]