Shares in British retailers plunge after ASOS profit warning

Shares in British retailers plunge as ASOS profit warning stokes fears that online sellers and the High Street are both facing a crisis Christmas Asos shares crashed 40% to 2,480p after it issued a profit warning  Sales rose 14% in the three months but were poorer than expected in November    ‘If Asos is finding it tough […]

Supermarket shoppers urged to serve ‘wonky’ Christmas dinner

Supermarkets have increased their efforts to reduce the national food waste mountain at Christmas by offering shoppers edible produce nearing the end of its shelf life, as well as “wonky” sprouts, carrots and parsnips. The wonky or “ugly” lines were being offered at cheaper prices in an effort to stop the rejection or waste of […]

Barclays customers can now 'switch off' from five types of problem spending

Barclays customers can now ‘switch off’ five types of problem spending and block themselves from gambling Customers can now block five areas of problem spending   This is designed to help vulnerable users such as those with an addiction  They can control spending on gambling, restaurants and supermarkets By Grace Gausden For This Is Money Published: […]

Are real or fake Christmas trees better for the planet?

If the surge in sales of artificial trees at John Lewis and other stores signals an attempt by consumers to go green, then they should perhaps think again. With 8m real trees in the process of being purchased this Christmas, the idea of saving one from the axe might be prompting the move to fake […]

Could a retirement mortgage help you stay in YOUR home?

A new breed of mortgages designed to help older borrowers stay in their homes is on the rise. In March, banks and building societies were given the green light by the City watchdog to offer loans to people of any age, with no end date. Since then, 13 lenders, including Nationwide, have launched new deals […]

Ethical Christmas: seven gifts that tread lightly on the planet

The frenzied celebration of tinsel-coated consumerism is upon us. But you can (just about) enjoy it without hurting the environment or turning a blind eye to the working conditions of those who make it all possible. 1. Beer made from leftover bread Toast beer; well worth your dough? Food waste is both a growing problem […]

Nine out of 10 of the under-40s have the savings habit

Nine out of 10 under-40s are regular savers but fewer than half are putting money into a pension, new research reveals. Some 78 per cent have savings accounts and 51 per cent have cash Isas, which offer easy access to your money rather than locking it up until retirement. Although just 46 per cent of […]

These are the 10 least reliable cars you can buy

Nobody wants to buy an unreliable car. Not just because it could let you down at any given moment but the unavoidable repair costs you will encounter tend to pile up. Fortunately, we can exclusively reveal new data to tell you which 10 cars are most likely to suffer from dependability issues – but also […]

Can anyone retire in their 30s? Meet the people who say yes

When did you start thinking seriously about preparing financially for your retirement? Not yet? Many people never do. One in three adults in the UK have no private pension, and will rely on the state pension in old age. Even those who do start saving usually only get round to it in their 40s and […]