Electric dreams? What you need to know about Tesla's Model 3

Launched with the intention of being Tesla’s first mass-market electric car, the new Model 3 is smaller and simpler than the other vehicles in the Californian carmaker’s stable. And according to Tesla, the new saloon is the “more affordable” of the range – though with a starting price at just under £39,000, many would query […]

Plan to end the tax trap on NHS senior doctors’ pensions

Ministers are planning a major shake-up of NHS pensions designed to stop an exodus of senior doctors retiring early because current tax rules mean they can end up working for free, especially if they take on extra duties. Philip Hammond, the chancellor, and Matt Hancock, the health and social care secretary, are studying plans which […]

East London council claims victory with deal on NatWest loans

Newham council is claiming victory after striking a deal with NatWest over £150m in high-cost bank loans that it says will save millions of pounds and enable it to boost spending on local services. The beleaguered east London authority said it expected to save up to £143m in interest payments over the remaining 41 years […]

'Location, location, lung disease': pollution ads target property market

A citizen-funded advertising campaign against air pollution will target the property market with billboard slogans including “Location, location, lung disease” and “The neighbourhood’s gone to the docs”. These will be accompanied by online ads and a website where homebuyers and renters in London will be able to look up levels of toxic air for the […]

MPs call on landlords to scrap 'no DSS' clauses in rental ads

MPs have demanded landlords and letting agents end the practice of screening out people on benefits after hearing claims that “no DSS” clauses have become the 2019 equivalent of “no blacks, no Irish, no dogs” notices. During a hearing into the widespread refusal of landlords to rent properties to those on benefits, the Commons work […]

Ray Massey takes Jaguar's new F-Pace SVR for a spin in St Tropez

It’s when you are overtaking that you really feel and hear the extra power and blistering acceleration. With enough straight and empty road ahead to get past that slow moving caravan or pair or dawdling Renault Clios in front, I clicked down the indicator and pressed firmly on the accelerator. The take-up was instantaneous and, […]